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Proceeding of the National Seminar on Information Technology and Aerospace is a journal of national seminar proceeding managed by the Center of Research and Community Service in Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Adisutjipto Yogyakarta. This journal is published once a year in the form of off line / printed books and on line with E-ISSN 2528-1666 with google scholar metric and it is used for the publication of scientific papers, research, thesis and dissertations from lecturers and prospective lecturers. This journal is also indexed into crossref with the number doi 10.28989 so that the published articles have more value. As the institution that has the aerospace characteristics, each proceeding publication will be carried out by a national seminar whose theme is in the scope of Technology and Aerospace. Starting from first seminar in 2018, proceedings will be printed using the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Focus and Scope

Aerodynamics, Aircraft Propulsion, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Maintenance, Air Transportation Systems, Airport Management, Unmanned Aircraft, Avionics, Aviation Information Systems, Animation and Aircraft Design, Materials and Manufacture, Energy Conversion, GSCM Logistics, Manufacturing System , Performance Measurement, Safety and Health Management, Optimization, Ergonomics, Control and Instrumentation, Robotic, Electronics, Telecommunications, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Parallel Processing, Computer Network Security, Mobile Programming, Cloud Computing, Decision Support Systems, Data Mining , Other Aerospace Engineering fields , other Informatics fields, Other Electrical Engineering fields, Other Industrial Engineering fields, Other Mechanical Engineering fields, Other Aeronautics fields

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The National Seminar on Information Technology and Aerospace 2020 which has Aviation Safety in the Covid-19 Pandemic theme receives articles from researchers and lecturers with the following activities:

  1. The deadline for submitting full paper is November 13th, 2020, extend until November 21st, 2020
  2. Camera Ready is November 27th, 2020
  3. The deadline for speaker payment is December 2nd, 2020
  4. SENATIK 2020 held on December 10th, 2020


  1. Dr. Ir. Agus Taufik Mulyono, MT., IPU. ASEAN.Eng. (Professor of Engineering Faculty in UGM)
  2. Nurcahyo Utomo, Dip. TSI (Chairman of Sub-Committee the Aviation Accident Investigation in National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT)

Link Live and Rocorded at Youtube


  1. K. Herliansyah, S.T, M.T. Ph. D
  2. Dr.techn. Ahmad Ashari, M.Kom
  3. Dr. Ir. Risanuri Hidayat, M.Sc
  4. Dr. Okto Dinaryanto, S.T., M.M., M.Eng.
  5. Ir. Toto Indriyanto M.Sc.,Ph.D.

The SENATIK 2020 template can be downloaded here, the Senatik Account Registration Guide can be downloaded here, the Article Uploading Guide can be downloaded here

Vol 6 (2020): Keselamatan Penerbangan di masa Pandemi Covid-19 [ISBN 978-602-52742-2-0]

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